SugarSync On (Kindle) Fire!

Just announced by SugarSync:

“Good news for our Android fans: SugarSync is now available for the Kindle Fire!

Out of the box, the Fire gives you access to your books, music and videos from the Cloud and lets you download them to the device for offline access. Install SugarSync and you can do the same for all your files and folders. You can access all your files directly from the SugarSync Cloud or you can sync complete folders to your device so you can work with them on the go.

For users on other Android devices, we also greatly improved the user experience around photo syncing. We want you to be confident that every photo you take on your phone will be safely uploaded to SugarSync and downloaded to your computers. If photos are set up to upload to your account (either by you or via AutoSync Photos), the app will make sure that they get uploaded. Spotty network, device restarts and upload errors – the app will handle anything you throw at it. We’ll keep trying until we get your photos into the Cloud. The app will also make sure the same photo is never uploaded more than once. So if you need to reinstall the app, you can safely choose to upload all your photos and SugarSync will only upload new photos that have not already been uploaded to your account.

You can downloaded the new version here.”



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