Tonido - Run your own Personal CloudTonido is a software and service that once installed on any computer (Windows, Linux or Mac), can make files and media in that computer available anywhere through a web browser or from mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7). It is a brand new way to access and share your files, media and other information with anyone around the world without having to upload to third-party sites first.

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Share and sync large files, listen to your music, access all your files, publish a blog and more.

Mac iconAccess your documents, photos, music and videos using native iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry apps

Disk iconYour data is always safe and always stored locally with you and never on the cloud.

@ iconAccess your desktop using a personalized web address(

Cogs iconCustomize your experience with only the Tonido apps that you want.

setting iconNothing to configure or setup andFree. Available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Tonido for Windows - Installer

Works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 running on Intel x86 (32-bit or 64-bit)
 Make sure you unblock any firewalls/antivirus that can prevent Tonido from launching.

Tonido for Windows - USB Portable Edition

 Take Tonido with you wherever you go on a USB drive.
 Just unzip the folder to your USB disk and click tonido.exe to start the application.
 Works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 running on Intel x86 (32-bit or 64-bit).

Tonido for Mac OS X

Works on Mac OS X 10.5 or later running on Intel processors.

Tonido for Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu

Works on Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu 8.04 or later running on Intel x86.
Please use the following command to install: sudo dpkg -i TonidoSetup_i686.deb
 See instructions for 64 bit systems.

Tonido Client on iPhone

 Get the Tonido iPhone Application from the Apple iPhone App Store. More Details.  

Tonido Client on Android

 Get the Tonido Android Application from the Android Market Place. See More Details. 

Tonido Client on Windows Phone

 Get the Tonido Windows Phone Application from the Windows Phone Market Place. See More Details. 

Tonido Client on Blackberry 

 Get the Tonido Blackberry Application from BlackBerry App World. See More Details. 

TonidoSync Clients

Learn more


TonidoDrive Client (Beta)

For TonidoPro & TonidoPlug. Learn more


Tonido Firefox Addons

TonidoFox - Tonido Firefox plugin.
ClipThots - Tonido Thots Firefox plugin.
TonidoTorrent - Tonido Torrent Firefox plugin. 

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extension for Tonido. 

Links to Thirdparty Applications

Mount your remote computer as a local drive for drag and drop uploading
BitKinex - Free Windows WebDAV client
Goliath - Free Mac OSX WebDAV client
Tonido Explorer

Browse, Upload, Download your files from anywhere. Listen to ALL your music via a web browser.
Learn More
Available on:

Price: Free

Tonido Webshare & WebsharePro

Webshare: Allows you to share large files (documents, music, home videos and photos) that are too big to email, directly from your desktop to anyone with a web browser.
WebsharePro: Webshare + Mount as Tonido Drive or via WebDAV for guest users + Upload capability to remote machines.
Learn More
Available on:

Webshare Price: Free   WebsharePro Price: Included in TonidoPro

Tonido Sync

Sync: Allows you to synchronize files among multiple computers privately and securely with full control.
Learn More
Available on:

Price: Free (Sync Quota Varies)

Tonido Drive

Tonido Drive: Allows you to access your remote Tonido server (running in Windows, Linux, Mac or TonidoPlug) as a native windows drive.
Learn More
Available on:

Price: Available as a part of TonidoPro

Tonido DLNA Media Server

Tonido Media Server allows you to stream photos, music and videos to your DLNA compatible devices such as XBOX, PS3 and XBMC media centers.
Learn More
Available on:

Price: Available as a part of TonidoPro

Tonido Thots

Is a personal blog or journal to record your ideas, notes and other random information. You can even clip text as you browse the web and store them in apps for reference later.
Learn More
Available on:

Price: Free

Tonido Search

Allows you to search your Desktop files from anywhere.
Learn More
Available on:

Price: Free

Tonido Money Manager

Browser based Money Manager that helps organize your personal finances.
Learn More
Available on:

Price: Free
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