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GoAruna Desktop File Manager

GoAruna Desktop is for quickly getting files to and from your computer to your GoAruna Online Storage. Just drag and drop multiple files or folders to GoAruna Desktop to get tons of files uploaded to your Online storage without fuss. Then access them online from all of your other devices whenever you need them.

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Download GoAruna Desktop:


Multiple Files
Upload and download multiple files and even whole folders.
Uploads and downloads using GoAruna Desktop are easy and super fast!
Drag and Drop
Drag and drop files from within the GoAruna app or even directly from your Mac Finder or Windows file explorer.
Easy to Use
The split screen format is super easy to use. Your computer’s files are on the left and your GoAruna Online Storage is on the right. Just drag and drop either way to upload and download.
Manage Files
Manage your GoAruna Online files. Upload, download, create folders, delete, send, share and organize with ease.
Send / Share Large Files
Need to send / share files that are too big for email? No problem. Share even large files without worrying about attachment size limits of your email system. Send files from your desktop in seconds with just a couple clicks.
Proxy Settings
If you are on a corporate network, you or your network administrator can set up GoAruna to use a proxy if required.
GoAruna Desktop is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux so you can access GoAruna from all of your computers at work, home and on the road with laptops and netbooks.
Manage Your Android Tablet Files


Manage Your Android Tablet Files

GoAruna for Android tablets is a powerful file manager for your tablet and so much more. Get files to and from your tablet, PC or Mac and of course your GoAruna cloud storage account. GoAruna for Android tablets is made especially for the tablet format and makes use of the extra screen space to make sure it very easy to view, play, share, and manage your media. Want to create or edit text documents? View PDFs? No problem.
GoAruna files for tablets is the first tablet specific file manager, file sharing and cloud storage apps made for Android tablets. And it’s free.

GoAruna Files for Android tablets is available from the Google Android Market. Just search for GoAruna tablet in the Market.


If the Android market is not available on your tablet or slate, you can download the apk file and install it manually by opening the apk file on your tablet directly. Android tablet file manager.

Built for Tablets
Our Android file manager is built from the ground up, specifically to run on Android tablets and make use of the larger screens. It is not just our mobile phone version stretched and expanded to fit the bigger screen size. GoAruna is the first Android file manager, file sharing and cloud storage app with a tablet design and user interface.
Expand Your Tablet Storage
Just keep a few files on your tablet and store the bulk of your files in your GoAruna cloud storage account. Also, you can sleep well knowing you have a safe copy always available online.
Text Editor
Great for light text editing of your existing text documents or creating quick notes.
Manage Files
Manage, organize, view, send, upload, download, delete and more with GoAruna Files for Android. Take control of both your online and Android files.
Fast image preview
Preview images super quickly without having to download each full size image from your online cloud storage.
Files inbox
Friends, family and co-workers can send you files by uploading them to your own personal web upload page. The files arrive in your GoAruna Inbox in one central and convenient place.
Manage File Transfers
Monitor the status and progress of all your downloads and uploads from one central place.
Capture and upload
Need to quickly capture a moment? Just snap your picture (or video, voice note, text note) and it will be automatically uploaded to your GoAruna Online Storage for safe keeping, sharing and future access from any device.
Review and Play Your Files
Your audio, video and documents are all at your fingertips with your new Android tablet file explorer.
PDF Viewer
View PDFs on your Android tablet with the built in PDF viewer. You can also open PDFs from other apps in the GoAruna PDF viewer.
The tablet file manager for Android is available in 14 languages. All languages are already included in the main app and your language will appear according to your tablet’s default language.
Media player and browser
Find your music, video and photos stored anywhere on your tablet with just a click.
Share and Send Large Files
Need to send or share files that are too big for email? No problem. Share even huge files without worrying about attachment size limits of your email system. Send files from your Android tablet in seconds with just a couple clicks without having to download it to your tablet.
Upload by Email
GoAruna “Upload by email” allows anyone to upload a file to your online storage by simply attaching the file and emailing it to your special GoAruna email upload address. You can email files to your GoAruna account or give it to anyone so that they can send files to you too.
Login Security Options
Keep your files from prying eyes with passcode login security, local files access controls and enhanced login settings. Or maybe you prefer convenience over security and prefer to use the “no click” auto-login feature.
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