Social Folders




SocialFolders helps you share your content anywhere between social sites or copy between websites.


SocialFolders syncs all your content across your devices.


The content on your websites are updated when you update it in your local folders and vice-versa. SocialFolders will take care of it.


Access your friend’s albums, folders and subscribe to their feeds. You can choose what you want to receive.


Your content is synced automatically daily. Or you can perform a manual sync anytime you want.


SocialFolders outputs all your social content all in one place so you never have to remember what and where you have placed them.


SocialFolders retrieves your social content from the websites you use and stores them on your local folder.


Upload quickly and effortlessly a batch of files without having to open the browser nor logging into your online account.

Getting Started

Downloading SocialFolders

You can download SocialFolders here.

The download page automatically detects whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC and prompts you to download the correct install package.

Installing SocialFolders and signing up

Run the install package and follow the instructions.

Once SocialFolders is installed, a dialog box will appear inviting you to sign up for the service. Fill in and submit the required information and the application will launch automatically.

Verifying that SocialFolders is up and running

You can see that SocialFolders is running by looking at the right side of the menu bar at the top of your screen. A little SocialFolders icon is present when the application is running.

The icon is blue when SocialFolders is connected to the Web, and is black when Social Folders is offline.

And then?

SocialFolders enables you to sync (nerdy word for synchronize) the Windows Explorer with your online accounts: social networks, photo sharing applications, online storage services, etc.

Syncing means that the content of your websites will be updated when you update it in your local folders, and vice-versa.

We have set up a “Getting Started” forum on our help desk website, with tips to get you going. You’re welcome to visit it here, and to post comments or questions as well!

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