Bdrive - Your Own Personal CloudBdrive – Your Own Personal Cloud. Your files are just a click away with Bdrive. Never sync again. No space restrictions. It’s all yours.

We have not yet tried out B drive but plan to do so shortly, as it appears like it could be a very valuable service.

Mobile Access
Access your files from
your iPhone, iPad
and Android.

Video Streaming
Stream music and videos
right from your PC to your
mobile devices.

File Sharing
Share files with your
friends by email,
twitter and facebook.

Privacy and Security
It’s your personal cloud.
All files are safely hosted
only on your PC.
Remember when every PC had a floppy drive? That handy little bit of plastic that allowed you to carry data with you anywhere? Well, now you can turn your PC into your very own Bdrive with our personal-cloud software, and access your files from any internet enabled device.

Bdrive is a “freemium” service, so all of our basic features are completely free. There are no hidden costs but you can add extra premium services later that give you some exciting advanced features for a small upgrade fee. Either way, we know you’ll love your Bdrive experience.


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