MiMedia Shuttle Drive Receives Patent Approval Enabling Convenient Data Backup to the Cloud

MiMedia, provider of consumer online backup and file storage services, today announced the company has received a patent for its premier Shuttle Drive service, a hard drive based solution to the lengthy process of backing up data to the cloud.  The Shuttle Drive service complements MiMedia’s lighting fast broadband uploads.  MiMedia’s Shuttle Drive is an encrypted portable hard drive sent directly to customers, eliminating bandwidth clogging and reducing total backup time to a few days as opposed to the weeks or months it may take when backing up large amounts of data over an internet connection.

MiMedia recognizes that computer networks are typically built with more capacity downstream into the home, than upstream into the network.  This is especially true for residential connections.  The result is an “upload bottleneck,” the comparative slowness experienced when uploading data to the cloud versus downloading it.  The patented Shuttle Drive service (Patent 8,090,690) eliminates this bottleneck by providing users a quick, easy, and secure onboarding process for digital files of all types and sizes.

MiMedia’s Shuttle Drive is fully encrypted and sent via Priority Mail directly to customers that request it during the sign up process.  Customers simply connect the drive to their computer and MiMedia’s software automatically and securely backs up encrypted copies of their files directly onto the drive.  When complete, customers return the drive to MiMedia using the prepaid shipping label and the files are automatically placed in the customer’s account.

The entire process is competed in days–versus the weeks or even months it would take the average Shuttle Drive user (96 GB) to upload over a broadband connection. The Shuttle Drive service can handle up to 1TB (1,000 GB) of data and is free for MiMedia Premium subscribers.

“As digital media continues to grow at an exponential rate, MiMedia is dedicated to providing effortless and secure onboarding of files into the cloud to the everyday user – proven by our commitment to patent the Shuttle Drive,” said Erik Zamkoff, Founder and CEO at MiMedia. “Cloud backup and storage continues to be a effective way to secure and protect your digital life and MiMedia is focused on making it as easy and practical as possible for anyone, regardless of their network speeds or the amount of data they have.”

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