securesafe online backupSecureSafe: The highly secure online storage for your documents and passwords from Switzerland.

Pricing  SecureSafe

Mobile devices

Access your data via the free SecureSafe iPhone/iPad app.

Highest Privacy and Security

SecureSafe offers the highest level of privacy. We care about security and long-term storage.

Swiss banks trust SecureSafe

Swiss banks transfer electronic documents to their customers using SecureSafe as an online digital vault.


The leading online data safe for your digital data


SecureSafe protects your digital documents, guards your passwords and lets you access and manage them at any time, thus guaranteeing maximum security. View or retrieve your data via a web browser, iPhone or iPad.

You can preserve your data for the future with our unique DataInherit function. With DataInherit, you can easily assign beneficiaries to your digital assets in the event that something should happen to you. This will preserve your digital assets for you, your family or your partners.


File Safe

Organize your daily life by depositing and managing your digital documents in an online storage vault. Using your web browser you can easily access and control your data as well as view documents at the touch of a finger on your iPhone or iPad.

Password Safe

Never forget your passwords again. Keep them stored in your online safe. Securely access them at any time from your central safe via the Internet, iPhone or iPad.

iPhone & iPad

Access your documents and passwords within seconds from your private SecureSafe account. Encryption and strong authentication ensure that even with mobile access your data remain highly secure. With our built-in offline mode you can also access your assets without a mobile network connection.

Data Inheritance

SecureSafe keeps your sensitive data protected in the long- term, as well. Assign beneficiaries to your documents and passwords, and DataInherit will ensure a smooth handover in case of an unexpected emergency. This SecureSafe feature prevents your partners and family members from possible being denied access to your digital assets.

Secure Delivery

The secure delivery of electronic documents is not only convenient, but also fast and environmentally- friendly. The digital online vault for documents is an innovative extension of a bank’s online services. Swiss banks already offer a private SecureSafe to their customers and use it to deliver confidential banking documents and statements.

Do you have all your important data with you – always at hand?

SecureSafe is the highly secure online storage vault that is available on the iPhone and iPad. It lets you access your passwords and files while you are on the go.

PDF documents, images and office documents can be viewed online with the new SecureSafe iPhone/iPod/iPad app.

SecureSafe is popular with our users because:

  • You can access all your data via a PC/Mac browser or from an iPhone/iPod/iPad.
  • The security mechanisms protect your confidential data and your privacy.
  • The functionality is kept as simple as possible. No computer expertise is required.

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Benefits to you

Instant access to your online data safe from your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Your digital assets are with you all the time, no matter where you are.

  1. Easily download the free iPhone and iPad apps from the iTunes App Store.
  2. SecureSafe is easy -to -use from the outset.
  3. Access your important documents and passwords with the touch of a button in offline mode as well.
  4. Even if your device is stolen or misplaced, your data remain safe and accessible via any web browser.
  5. SecureCapture, the integrated camera data upload feature, enables you to take a photo of an important document within your app and safely store your data in the safe with one-click.

Imagine being able to retrieve a presentation or a copy of your passport from anywhere.

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Swiss banks trust SecureSafe

The secure delivery of electronic documents is not only convenient, but also fast and environmentally- friendly.

Financial institutions offer their customers a SecureSafe because of its security and privacy protection capabilities. The digital online vault for documents is an innovative extension of a bank’s existing online services.

In addition to storing your own important digital assets in the data safe, the bank delivers account statements to your safe. The incoming documents from your bank will be delivered directly to a specific inbox folder. Long-term preservation as well as secure communication with your asset manager or business partners are guaranteed.

The DSwiss Internet data safes provide the same high level of security as modern e-banking solutions. This includes complete encryption, a 2-factor authentication option (mobileTAN, one-time-password delivered by text message) and confidential storage of data in banking-compliant Swiss data centers. No one other than the account holders can ever access data stored in their data safe.

Benefits to you

You receive information about your finances or insurance policies easily and quickly, and can access them at any time via an iPhone/ iPad or web browser.

  1. Protection of data and communications and complete confidentiality guarenteed.
  2. Privacy protection.
  3. Clear and structured depository for all financial documents.
  4. Long-term preservation and archiving of bank statements.

Advantages for financial institutions

  1. Increased cost effectiveness by reducing the volume of paper documents.
  2. Protection and strengthening of the digital relationship between the customer and the bank.
  3. Increased customer loyalty.
  4. Customer can access their information at all times.

Please check with your bank to see if it already offers the SecureSafe service.

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