There’s now a SkyDrive app available for the Windows Phone and iPhone

SkyDrive: On your phone

SkyDrive: On your phone

Take files with you

View files and photos from your phone.

Already have SkyDrive?

FREE online file storage

If your phone’s with you, so are your files. SkyDrive lets you take your photos and documents wherever you go. Get the SkyDrive app for your iPhone or Windows Phone today. Or, you can always access SkyDrivethrough your phone’s browser at

Which phone do you have?

What can I do with SkyDrive on my phone?

Save photos and videos from your phone

Whether it’s a new picture or a video you took last week, store them on SkyDrive so you can see them any time you’re online.

View and manage files on the go

Use the SkyDrive app to access, manage, and share files from your phone. Read work files, including Worddocuments and Excel workbooks, or pass around vacation photos.

Share your life in pictures

With your camera phone and the SkyDrive app, keep anyone you want up to date.

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