Real life uses for SugarSync sharing

SugarSync free online backup and sync We recently performed a real-life test of SugarSync on our personal home computer (not our office workstation).  We were pleasantly surprised at how well everything worked out.  Our test consisted of:

  1. Upgrading to a 100GB per year plan
  2. Adding my ~40GB photos folder to be synced by SugarSync
  3. Sharing that folder with another family member
  4. Waiting for the uploads/downloads to finish
  5. Testing how well we could each edit/share/delete/add photos to this folder

I have to say that I was shocked at how well it worked.  Essentially, by sharing my synced photos folder with another member of my family, I created a ‘server’ whereby we could each access/edit/add/delete our photos.  Despite not being an actual server, and everything having to upload/download via the web before it gets to each others computers, it was incredibly fast.  Of course the initial syncing took a while, as I do have 40GB of photos…but going forward any edits or small adds/delete take place almost instantly.

No more do we have to take our memory card and upload photos to each of our computers (or manually grab them over our home network).  Now we simply upload them to either of our computers (into the shared SugarSync folder) and SugarSync takes care of syncing them across both computers.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of their Free 5GB plan and give it a try.

Try SugarSync Free!

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