Google Drive Screenshot Shows 2GB of Storage, On Tap for Mid-April


GigaOM today cited sources about an April release of Google Drive, with a 1GB free storage limit. Today we received a tip from an anonymous but reliable source letting us know that the April release date was in fact accurate, until it was recently changed to the “week of April 16th.” What’s more interesting is the earlier reported storage limit. It has been said that Google Drive will have a 1GB limit but the leaked screenshot we’ve obtained from our tipster shows otherwise. Based off of what we see below, Drive users are going to be privy to 2GB of free storage, instead of the rumored 1GB.

Although the above image clearly states 2GB of free space, our tipster makes claim that there will possibly be up to 5GB’s of free storage with referrals and other similar incentives. I guess we’ll just have to wait until April to know for sure.
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