1GB FREE from MyPCBackup!

We received an email today from one of our readers who received the following message from MyPCBackup:

Dear ——,

With Thanksgiving coming up we wanted to give something back to our users.

So to celebrate we’re giving all trial users, a free upgrade to 1GB storage space.

That’s enough space to backup over 5000 documents, 1000 photos and 1000 songs for life!

Jamie Heathorn passed me your details as a user who ran out of space on their trial so this 1GB upgrade will protect the rest of your files.

But that’s not all…

In the spirit of thanksgiving, We are also letting you give 10 people a free 1GB account.

We realized it’s important for you to share your files so this will make sharing even easier.

Once you have activated your 1GB upgrade you will receive a popup in your control panel to send out your free 1GB invitations.

Remember we now have free iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry apps.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Best Wishes,

Dan Richards,
Co-Founder, MyPC Backup

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