1 year of Crash Plan for FREE!


Here’s an unbeatable deal for current Carbonite users: get 1 year of CrashPlan absolutely free!

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  • FREE – Get started today

    • $59.99


    • 1 Year
      1 Computer
      Unlimited Storage


  • Back up all your computers

    • $149.99


    • 1 Year
      2-10 Computers
      Unlimited Storage

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We’re so sure you’ll like CrashPlan better than Carbonite, we’re giving switchers a free year!

Yep. One computer, backing up an unlimited amount of personal files with no restrictions, costs nothing for one full year. Backup doesn’t get any better than that! And if you’ve got multiple computers, our Family Plan is only $50 for the first year!

CrashPlan backup is better because you get up-to-the-minute protection every time you change a file. You can restore deleted files even after 30 days and restore files that you backed up to friends and family in addition to what you backed up online. Unlike Carbonite, CrashPlan backup doesn’t get slower as your backups get bigger.

  • Unlimited online storage
  • No bandwidth throttling
  • Web and mobile access
  • Back up to external drives
  • Back up to friends & family
  • Better security
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