Save 70% at MyPCBackup!

This was just sent to us by one of our readers:

Hey Adam,

I hope you’re enjoying your day off for President’s Day!

President’s Day is one of our busiest sales days of the year, so unfortunately I’m in the office.

As always on President’s Day we pull out all the stops, and here’s what we’ve arranged for you this year;

• Massive 70% Discount
• Free 1GB of loyalty space every month
• Unlimited sharing, free for life
• 10 exclusive invites to gift free backup to friends & family

That’s on top of all of these great features;

• Improved App Speed*
• Mobile Photo Albums support
• Multi-Location Backups

*We now use both Amazon and Google data facilities to make your overall backup experience better!

As it’s our busiest day, I thought we’d offer you a nice discount! Here’s a link to 70% off all of our pricing plans;

We also have loads more exciting features coming soon, so now really is the best time to upgrade your MyPC Backup account.

Best Wishes and have a great President’s Day,

Jamie Heathorn
Personal Account Manager

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