Zoolz.com: Free 100 GB Cloud Backup for the First 1,000,000 Users

Free 100 GB Cloud Backup for the First 1,000,000 Users
Made possible thanks to Cold Storage TM technology

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Zoolz was created to help people to effortlessly backup and move all their data from their computer, external and network drives to the cloud for lifetime safekeeping.

Zoolz is the first service to offer free 100GB of durable backup without any limitations and to leverage Amazon AWS technology in an intuitive way to provide easy backup, instant data view, image preview, and search to access and restore archived data with ease.

The digital world is expanding rapidly, with Zoolz all your data is protected in a smart and automatic way. Zoolz is designed to process and protect your data with zero knowledge and with the highest security, durability, and availability out there.

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Free 100 GB Cloud Backup for the First 1,000,000 Users
Made possible thanks to Cold Storage TM technology
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Zoolz just works!Zoolz seamlessly and automatically protects your computer and any storage it can access (External and Network drives) without limiting your upload speed, file size, or data selections.

Real SecurityZoolz encrypts your files before leaving your machine, securely transfers your files, and stores them on encrypted servers using military grade 256 AES Encryption.

Great for PhotographersJust aim, shoot and connect. Zoolz is designed to backup photos and generates photo previews of all your camera photos (RAW format too) to view from a centralized location on the web.

USB and Network savvyZoolz is smart enough to know when your drive is disconnected and once reconnected will resume with incremental backups even if the drive letter has changed.

Packed with featuresSet your own schedule, filter your selections, enable upload speed limit, and more, Zoolz is rich with easy to use features to make your backup customized to your needs.

Right-click to backupFrom your desktop, you can seamlessly right-click any file or folder to instantly add to Zoolz.

Protect up to 2 computersYour free account comes with the ability to backup 2 of your computers with ease.

Mobile AccessOn the go, view your latest backed up files and image previews of your photos.

Easy restoreJust go to the web console, select what you want to restore, and after
3-5 hours, you will receive an email with a link to download your files.

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