Backblaze Mobile just went live on iOS

and it’s great!!!

Your files on the go
Now you can download your backed up files from any of your computers to your iPhone. Simply sign into the iPhone application and pick any of your photos, music or documents to download. Plays well with others
You can share a photo on Facebook. Preview a Word Doc. Listen to a song. Backblaze ties into the power of your iPhone to open almost any downloaded file with the app of your choice. You are in control.

View all of your computers (Mac/ Windows) and external drives backed up.

The folders and files are organized just like those on your computer. Get any of them.

You’ll be able to see and/or hear all the file types your iPhone knows how to present.

Once the file is downloaded you can share it lots of ways.
Want to learn more? Backblaze iPhone Frequent Questions
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Answers and Questions
Do I need Backblaze Online Backup in order to use Backblaze Mobile?
Yes! Backblaze Mobile only works if you have data backed up to your Backblaze online backup account.

What files can I get access to through Backblaze Mobile?
You can access the files that are securely backed up and stored by Backblaze from your Mac or Windows system.

Can Backblaze Mobile for iPhone access my Windows files?
Yes, you can access the files that are backed up from both Windows and Mac computers.

What kind of iPhone and which version of iOS do I need?
The app will run on all iPhones running iOS 5.0 and higher.

Does the app work on iPads?
The current app works in “pixel doubling” mode; a native iPad app is coming soon.

What about the iPod Touch?
Yes, as long it is running iOS 5.0 or higher.

Can I download and view a video file?
Yes, but the current size for any individual file is 30 MB.

Why is there a 30MB size limit?
Since Backblaze Mobile is intended to be used on the go, with mobile devices, this limit is designed to ensure that you don’t accidentally request a file that is larger than your phone can handle.

Can I have multiple mobile devices access a single Backblaze account?
Yes. Simply sign in from each device using your standard Backblaze credentials.

Can I have one mobile device access multiple Backblaze accounts?
Yes. Simply sign in to each account using your standard Backblaze credentials.

Does the app back up my iPhone too?
No, but if you sync your iPhone and its contents to iTunes on your computer and then back up that computer using Backblaze, your data is backed up and available for Backblaze Mobile to access.

How secure is the connection between Backblaze and the iPhone?
All communication, between the iPhone and the Backblaze datacenter where your data is stored, occurs over an HTTPS (encrypted) connection

Is my password stored on the iPhone?
You decide. In the Backblaze Mobile settings, you can choose your login to be in “convenience” mode or “secure” mode. In convenience mode, your Backblaze account password is stored in the Apple Key chain and protected by the password you have on the iPhone. In secure mode, the Backblaze password is not stored and must be entered each time you sign in to Backblaze using Backblaze Mobile. In either case, you should always have access to your iPhone protected with a password.

How secure are my downloaded files on my iPhone?
Files downloaded by Backblaze Mobile are stored encrypted in the Backblaze domain space on the iPhone.

Can I change my Backblaze account settings such as my password with Backblaze Mobile?
Not at this time, but you can use a browser on your iPhone or any other device to access your Backblaze account and make changes as desired.

If I have set an additional Passphrase (Private Encryption Key) on my Backblaze account, can I use Backblaze Mobile?

If I have a Passphrase (Private Encryption Key) on my Backblaze account, do I need to input it each time I log in to the Backblaze Mobile app?
No, the default setting of Backblaze Mobile is set to “convenience” mode. If you wish to be asked for your code every time you log in to Backblaze Mobile, you can open your iOS Settings, select Backblaze Mobile, and choose to turn convenience mode off.

Will Backblaze Mobile Be Available On Android?
Yes! An Android client is underway, so stay tuned!

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