Backblaze Mobile for iPhone is ALIVE!

Backblaze Mobile for iPhone is ALIVE!
We announced Backblaze Mobile for iPhone a few months ago at MacWorld and now it’s ready! It’s in the App Store and it’s free for anyone with an active Backblaze account. With Backblaze Mobile you can access, download, experience and share your files stored with Backblaze on the go, from your iOS device! What about Android? That’s coming up next, stay tuned!

Getting Started

  1. Take a minute to read the Backblaze Mobile for iPhone web page and theFrequently Asked Questions web page.
  2. Use iOS 5.0 or higher on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Remember that for the iPad, the app works in “pixel doubling” mode.”
  3. Click here to download and install Backblaze Mobile for iPhone from the App Store.

Using Backblaze Mobile


       – Start the app to see the login screen. Change the toggle switch if you want us to remember your password. You can also change this setting in the iPhone Settings/Backblaze panel. Use your Backblaze account name and password to login.


       – Select the computer you wish to view and we’ll build a list of your files – this can take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how many files you have backed up with Backblaze. Navigate to and choose the files you wish to download.


       – Once downloaded you can view your photos, documents and spreadsheets, watch your videos or listen to your music.


     – Depending on the file type and the other apps on your iPhone a file can be printed, copied, emailed, posted, tweeted and more.

Remember, the files you access with your iPhone are just a copy from the Backblaze datacenter where your files continue to reside safe and sound.

So give Backblaze Mobile for iPhone a try, it’s fun, it’s easy and it’s free. Enjoy.

The Backblaze Team

Backblaze Inc.
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