Cloudii Manages Multiple Cloud Storage Services with a Single App

Cloudii for Android - Google ChromeCloudii makes it simple to manage all of your different storage options in one place.

The app connects with Dropbox, Drive,, and Skydrive. You can view and manage your files, set syncing schedules, and backup your account setups so it’s even easy to switch devices. The app is free for the first 14 days, but after that, you’ll be asked to pay a fee to continue using it. However, the developer says that “it doesn’t matter how much you pay,” so it sounds like it’s donationware with a one-time license fee.

One app to rule them all!
Got multiple accounts for the same cloud service?
Cloudii is what you are looking for!
Want to manage different cloud services within a single app?
Cloudii can do that!
Looking for backups and synchronization of your files through different services and devices?
Guess what, Cloudii can do that too!!
Cloudii works with Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive and more!
Give it a try. It’s free. 

Cloudii - Android Apps on Google Play - Google Chrome

  • multiple accounts and service
    Cloudii is made to switch between all your accounts and services seamlessly. You can link as many accounts to any service as you want.
    There are a lot of apps available to manage your cloud storages but most of them can not handle more than one account per service.
    No need to have one app for each service. Cloudii can manage them all in a single app.
    No file will get lost again! Cloudii will make your files stay in sync! Create synchronizations between your device and your services. You can create a Whatsapp backup or upload your camera images automatically to the cloud.
    The possibilities are unlimited.
    full service integration
    All services implemented in Cloudii are fully supported! Rename, delete, download, upload and even share your files with friends and colleagues. It’s all there. It’s simple and intuitive.
    Even linking your account with Cloudii is super easy and done within seconds.
    One consistent UI for all services. That’s Cloudii.
  • oh, look at that!
    this is f*@#ing awesome

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