Why IDrive Express?


IDrive Express

For faster backup and retrieval of several gigabytes of data, IDrive will send you a temporary storage device to transfer data up to 1TB. Use the IDrive Express application to backup your data onto the storage device.

Why IDrive Express?

  • Quickly transfer large amounts of data (up to 1TB) to your online account, in just a week or less.
  • Your data is safe throughout the process, stored and encrypted with military grade 256-bit AES encryption and the option for a private key.
  • Once the data is transferred to your online account, you can continue withincremental backups.
  • No bandwidth usage during data transfers.

This is a FREE enhanced service, available once per year for Pro Business users (either one backup or one retrieval per year). Any services beyond the first free one will be subject to the $59.95 charge. Pro Personal users can take advantage of this quick backup and retrieval service for $59.95.

This service includes free return shipping and is available only in the USA. 

How does it work?

Data backup

Once you receive the temporary storage device, backup all your data using theIDrive Express application and ship the device back to us.

We will transfer your data from the device onto IDrive’s primary storage devices. You can then proceed with incremental backups through the online backup process.

Data retrieval

Once you request for the retrieval of data, all of your data is taken from the IDrive servers and saved to a temporary storage device. It is then shipped to you.

All you need to do is plug the drive into your computer via the USB cable and restore your data to your system using the IDrive Express application. You must return the storage device that we send you after you upload your data.

Note: This service is not available for accounts created prior to 10-31-2011

For more details call us at 1-866-748-0555

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