DriveHQ: As We Compare Our Features With Our Competitors, We Were Shocked. Will You?

As We Compare Our Features With Our Competitors, We Were Shocked. Will You?

In the cloud IT industry, DriveHQ was the pioneer. We started years before Dropbox and other competitors. Most competitors are not even offering cloud IT service; as their features are often limited to cloud storage or cloud backup. While Dropbox and Google Drive are often viewed as innovative, their innovation is really limited to their marketing success.

Not only were they late in the cloud storage and cloud IT service, but they are out-innovated on technologies and features by DriveHQ. Please spend 5 minutes to compare the features below, and you will see our point. If not, you might be able to get $50 from us!

Features  DriveHQ Dropbox Carbonite Box Egnyte Google Drive
Cloud File Storage, Cloud Drive
Web Browser-based Cloud Storage
Explorer-like File Manager Software 
WebDAV Drive Mapping 
Folder Synchronization
Real-Time Folder Sync
One-way Sync (cloud-to-local or local-to-cloud)
Scheduled Sync 
Multiple Sync Tasks with Different Schedules 
Sync Any Local Folder to Any Cloud Folder
Synchronize Open Files 
Protection From Accidental Deletion 
Sync Network Drives / External Drives / Servers
Cross Office Sync, Hybrid Cloud Storage 
Max Items That Can Be Sync-ed Unlimited Unclear 40,000  20K/folder Unclear
Exclude Certain Files from Being Sync-ed 
Client Software
Folder Sync Software
Explorer-like File Manager Software 
Online Backup Software
Email Backup Software
Mobile App for iPhone and iPad (iOS)
Mobile App for Android
Mobile App for Windows Phone
Metro App for Windows 8
Support 3rd party FTP and WebDAV software
Online Backup Files and Emails
Basic Online Backup Features
Multiple Backup Tasks with Different Schedules
Backup Open Files (such as Outlook PST
and Quickbooks files)
Backup Outlook Emails Instead of PST Files
Backup Network Drives and USB Drives
Backup Servers with Nobody Logged On
Group Backup with Central Monitoring
Group Backup with Central Management
FTP, Email, Web and File Hosting
FTP Server Hosting (Custom Domain)
Email Server Hosting (Custom Domain)
Static Web Hosting (Custom Domain)
File Download Hosting, CDN Replacement)
Upload & Download Technologies
Data Compression for Fast Upload & Download Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
Upload / Download Task List with Progress Bar
Bandwidth Throttling Unclear Unclear
Magic Upload & Data De-duplication Unclear Unclear
Incremental Upload / Download
Resume Interrupted Uploads / Downloads
Maximum File Size Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 250MB-5GB 2.5-10GB 2MB-10GB
Data Caching & Offline Access
File Sharing
Share files to non-members
Share files to members
ACL-based File Sharing
Share files to groups and sub-groups
Share files to contact groups
Set Share Expiration Time
Automatic New File Notification 
Publish Files and Folders
Publish Individual Files (Create Static Links)
Publish Folders (incl. All Files in It)
Regular Publish URL 
Safe Publish URL  Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
File Hosting for Large Files or Large Volumes 
True Drop Box Folder 
True Drop Box Folder
Embed a Drop Box Folder in Your Own Web Page
Security and Privacy
Client-side Data Encryption 
File Versioning
Recycle Bin Folder
Password Policy  Unclear
IP Address Restriction
Event Log Unclear
Security and Monitoring with 
Business and Enterprise Management Features
Support Sub-users
Support Sub-group Administrators  Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
Contact Groups / Mailing List 
Storage and Download Bytes Quota Unclear
Manage Guest Users for External Clients 
Batch Import / Export Users Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
Batch Provisioning Many Accounts 
Active Directory Integration and SSO
Other SSO integration such as integrating with
Salesforce, or your company’s web service, etc.
Customization, Branding, Integration and API
Custom Logo and Landing Page Service
Custom domain FTP, Email and Web
Hosting service
Full website customization and localization
(provide website template files for customization
and localization.)
Complete White label service
Customer Support
Phone Support Unclear Unclear
Email Support and Support Forum
Service Demo, Walkthrough and Initial Training Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
Remote Desktop Support Unclear Unclear Unclear
Courier Data Upload
Emergency Data Download / Restore
Service Level Agreement 
HIPAA / Business Associate Agreement Unclear Unclear Unclear

With more features and better services, DriveHQ’s price is actually lower than our competitors. In some cases, the price is dramatically lower! Please visit thePrice Comparison page.

In fact, our price is even lower than AWS, which is often used as the raw infrastructure service or the building block for other cloud services such as Dropbox! In comparison, DriveHQ has its own data center years before Amazon launched its AWS service, that’s why our price can be significantly lower than Dropbox.

Compare with Amazon Web Service (i.e. AWS: S3 and EC2)

Features DriveHQ Amazon
Virtual Machine
Cloud Storage
Ready-to-use Business Cloud Services
Ready-to-use FTP Server
Ready-to-use Email Server
Ready-to-use Static Web Server
Ready-to-use WebDAV Server
Online File and Email Backup Software
Explorer-like File Management Software
Folder Synchronization Software
File Sharing & Collaboration
ACL-based Folder Access Control
Group, Sub-group and Contact Group
Price Comparison
Cost Comparison & Analysis The price is based on the subscription plan. It bundles storage, bandwidth, server requests and advanced features. The price is charged separately for raw cloud storage, raw virtual machine, bandwidth, server requests
Raw Cloud Storage Price
+ Raw bandwidth
+ Raw Request Price
DriveHQ bundles raw storage, bandwidth, requests with advanced features. The prices below do not include the initial charge for plans below 10TB (which is very small when you order plans over 10TB). AWS can offer potentially more flexible or even more advanced features, but it requires technical expertise and software development work.
5 TB Storage
+ 2.5 TB/month download bytes
+ x server requests
$416/month (based on annual service) $715/month + $x/month
10 TB storage
+ 5 TB/month download bytes
+ x server requests
$750/month $1415/month + $x/month
20 TB Storage
+ 10 TB/month download bytes
+ x server requests
$1332/month $2895/month + $x/month
50 TB Storage
+ 25 TB/month download bytes
+ x server requests
$2916/month $6565/month + $x/month
>500 TB
+ 250 TB/month download bytes
+ x server requests
$ 25000/month $52315/month + $x/month
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