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In a digital world, with digital security replacing muscle, digital money replacing the real one, digital media taking over newspapers and digital storage replacing the traditional CD’s and DVD’s, cloud storage and security has risen to the peak of all human demands and needs.  But with great demand, comes great competition, and one program that stands out of the pack according to us, is Crashplan.  We have been using Crashplan for several years and so far we have little to complain about.

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Crashplan is proprietary online data backup software that combines online storage and offline storage into a simple, free, easy to use software. Crashplan helps one to back their data up on the internet cloud. This means that you can change your PC or mobile phone without having to back up your data onto an external drive and then re pack it into the new device. But what makes Crashplan different? Crashplan helps you to upload your data onto your local internet connection. This means that your data is not open to the entire world. Also you can back your data up to your friend’s or relative’s computer who also runs a crashplan program. The best part about all this is that Crashplan is free software. You can upload unlimited data on your home network for absolutely nothing!

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Crashplan also provides a free mobile app to help back up mobile phone data onto your local network. This means that you don’t have to use up your mobile data services to upload all your data onto a public cloud where data gets lost and corrupt sometimes, you can just upload the data onto your local WiFi and download whatever you want, whenever you want it. Crashplan is the ultimate companion for silent data back-up, and it easily protects your most prized files. As the software is aimed at using the least amount of cpu working time and power, it is almost impossible to know if the program is even running!

But sometimes, we might have more files to backup files which occupy larger space than a single external drive can absorb. In this scenario Crashplan offer a great solution. You can just simply take away and attach again, any number of hard disk drives and the backup just pauses, holds and waits for the drive to be re-attached. Once the drive or another drive has been re-attached to the computer system, Crashplan resumes, finishing the backup process. This process can be repeated absolutely unlimited times.

Despite of all these great features, one might wonder what about data mobility? Well that comes at a price but so do all great things. Crashplan offers a great deal on cloud data backup as well. For as low as $3 for a month, you can upload all your data on the servers cloud and access it anywhere in the world on the go. Although Crashplan does not offer a free, unlimited data storage on the cloud, but at such reasonable prices, it hardly matters. The cash plans coincide with all the so called good companies and provides a host of new features.

The most important part of online data storage is the matter of security. Without security all your data could be lost or stolen and that becomes a serious concern for anybody who plans to utilize this revolutionary technology. Every day, hackers try to access online clouds to break in and collect any information like bank account number; passwords etc. and sometimes they succeed. Crashplan+ provides a great online security option. With the advent of multiple sets in online security, the user can choose to upload their essential data on the cloud online and their non-essential data onto their private server and vice versa. Even if your back up is disrupted or your computer shuts down, the software on its own resumes the operation when the system becomes ready to work. Also, the data can be backed up and updated every single minute. So no data is ever lost.

In a case when you have to back huge amounts of data, and by huge I mean more than 500 gb at one time and also quickly, Crashplan provides the user with another great, first of its kind service called Seed drive backup. How a seed drive works is that, once you call Crashplan and order a seed drive, they ship to you a seeded drive, with high capacity high speed data backup. This drive comes with instructions as to what to do. Once you have backed up the data locally, you can ship the filled drive and Crashplan can upload the data on your cloud for you, absolutely free. This great service by Crashplan shows their versatility and great customer satisfying schemes.

Despite of all these outstanding features, the highlight of Crashplan’s service is the ease of use of the software. The software is very easy to install and better to use. With bright colors and simple commands in a very user friendly language presents a new level of fun in work. Everybody loves using this software because of its simple interface. With one click data backup and external drive export, the software helps the user enable or disable the continuous data backup whenever they want to stop the server from extracting data out of the system and local server.

Also the great support provided by the Crashplan team is outstanding. If your computer is not working or the internet connection is down and you are not able to re load your uploaded data? Crashplan provides a brilliant solution for this problem. With a simple phone call, some confirmation questions and a pleasant voice, you can order and receive a hard copy of your data in a matter of days, or even hours!

Overall, Crashplan is a five star experience both for the user and their families. The great user friendly nature of the software in terms of ease-of-use, pricing and services provided makes crashplan a highly recommended software for every environment.  As is the company’s motto … everybody has a crashplan.

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