Protecting Data with the Best Online Backup Service

Regardless of how you use your computer system, you most likely have a lot of data stored on a regular basis; in your computer that you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into, using the best online backup cane secure your important files.

You’ve just finished writing that perfect book, or put the final touches to that inspiring project that you’ve been working on for the past few weeks or even months. After an intense all-nighter, you finally press that save button for one last time and call it a day. Then, on the next morning, you discover that your computer has crashed or your hard disk has failed, and all that information that you’ve painstakingly compiled is now gone for good. It’s an excruciatingly frustrating experience, that could have been avoided had your data been properly backed up.

Using an Online Backup Service Provides Added Protection

Backups to your local hard drive are a great way to recover a file or folder if you’ve accidentally deleted it or if your PC’s internal hard drive crashes. However, unforeseen circumstances can lead to having your backups destroyed or lost. Just ask hurricane victims, and they’ll tell you that regardless of how diligently you back up your computer to a local hard drive, your documents, photos, and other important files will still be lost if you don’t keep copies of them in a secure online location. Using a best online backup service like Crashplan or Dropbox will provide added data security anytime that you need it.

Local Backup vs. Online Backup

Should you backup your files on an external hard drive or should you use an online backup service? The answer is both, actually, and redundancy really is the only way to ensure your data will last. Specialists in the technology industry usually recommend using several types of data backup plans simultaneously, including online backup storage, backups to different media types, and multiple copies of the most important information you want to protect.

Time Tested IT Rule of Thumb for Backing up Important Data

1. Always keeping three copies of everything that is important to protect
2. Keeping it in two different formats, such as hard drive, DVD and CrashPlan
3. Use online backup storage for added protection

Are There Free Online Backup Tools Out There?

While it’s true that the overwhelming majority of online backup companies offer free online backup services in the sense of free trials, some companies will also offer free online backup plans that will remain 100 percent free forever. A free plan can be heavily restricted compared to a premium plan in the sense of the amount of data that you’re allowed to back up, however as long as a free plan provides you with enough storage space for your information and meets any other requirements you have, you can have a fully functional backup solution for free. SugarSync, IDrive, and DropBox, are free online backup plans that include up to 5GB of storage. However, if you need more storage space, you’ll need to look into the best online backup plans. One of the leading premium online backup services is BackBlaze, it has all the features with minimal cost, thereby provide premium tools that can fit your budget.

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