The benefits of using Spideroak vs. other online backup companies

Online back-up companies are those which provide you a defined data storing space in their server, and charge you a fixed monthly rental for the same. There are two benefits of this kind of storing; first one is you can access all your movie files, documents, music files and etc online, anywhere in this world, and second is that you get an additional storage space apart from your normal hard disc drive and computer hard drive. Spideroak has taken this service to another level, with its enhanced features.

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Automatic backup

Other online backup companies let you create an online backup of the data present in your hard drive but Spideroak not only let you save a part of your drive, but automatically sync it with the Spideroak’s backup service. This means that you can save the changes done to your files in your computer/laptop and those changes will directly reflect in the secure online backup created with the company.

Zero Knowledge encryption keys

Cloud service providers like Spideroak, donot possess any knowledge of your encrypted keys. When you share a file/folder with any other person, then all the files are password protected and only you have the keys to open those files. This ensures that all your private files remain private with Spideroak, unlike other online backup companies.

Availability of every file version

When we store any of our files with some online backup companies, it happens that we are able to access only the last edited and saved version of the file. This does not happen with Spideroak, rather they store all the versions of a file from start to end. This means that even if you have made numerous changes to your file, you have access to files of all thresholds.

Trash Recovery

It may happen that by mistake you deleted some important file from your device, and normally we think that Spideroak works in real time, in the background so the file must have been automatically deleted from that place as well. However, that is not the fact; rather you can find all the files at Spideroak, even if it originally got deleted. With online backup companies, if a file got deleted before it was backed up, it cannot be found anywhere.

Compatible with all Operating System

It does not matter whether you carry a Mac, Linux or windows; the secure online backup service bySpideroak is compatible with every kind of operating system. You can sync in and have a back-up of all the folders of you phone, tablet, Macbook and etc with a common platform provided by Spideroak. This might however, not be possible with most of the other online backup companies, as they are designed to sync in with only one kind of operating system.

Easy Process

When you are creating a back-up with any online backup company, then you are supposed to select each and every folder, copy them and then save in the required shared folder. However, the process of saving the encrypted files with Spideroak is easy. You just have to select the folders you want to sync, and it will automatically get synced in. You can also drag and drop the specific folders for which you want to create a back-up.


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