Top 5 Best Free Online Storage Companies

Here are our recommendations for the best free online cloud storage and backup companies:

1. SugarSync free online backup and syncSugarSync (5 GB + no limit on free space from referrals).  Sync & Backup.  VERY easy to use.  SugarSync is very similar to Dropbox in that you can easily sync folders across computers in addition to online backup.  It has great features for media streaming, mobile syncing (including auto syncing photos and folders from Android devices), and folders selection and permissions/passwords settings.  SugarSync also has mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices.  Read our review

2. Spider Oak online backup and syncSpiderOak (2 GB + up to 50 GB of additional free space).  Sync & Backup.  Can backup external drives. VERY easy to use.  SpiderOak offers a different approach to online backup by combining a suite of services into one consolidated tool – free online backup, synchronization, sharing, remote access, and storage. They also have a zero-knowledge privacy policy – the first one ever employed in this setting.  Read our review

3. Mozy (2 GB).  Backup.  Can backup external drives.  SUPER easy to use.  Mozy is an automated backup solution. Once you install the Mozy client on your computer, it will back up any files you specify at the frequency you specify. Mozy can back up files while they are open—so that huge presentation you’ve been working on for the last few hours will be backed up even if you’re still working with it. Mozy also backs up based on file changes, only uploading the portion of a file that has changed and not the entire file all over again (meaning quicker incremental backups after the initial backup). Mozy stores previous versions of your files for easy restoration, and in addition to restoring all your files by downloading them, you can also order a backup on physical media for a fee.  Read our review

4. IDrive (5 GB).  Backup only.  VERY easy to use.  When you install IDrive for the first time, a default selection of most commonly backed up data including Documents, Pictures and Videos is created with a random after hours schedule. You can customize the selection and schedule.  IDrive automatically recognizes the modified parts of file(s)/folder(s) and backs them up in real-time, thus offering hands-free backup of data.  Read our review

5. dropbox online backup and syncDropBox (2 GB + up to 8 GB of additional free space).  Sync & Backup.  SUPER easy to use.   DropBox was one of the first, and is still one of the best, at not only backing up your data to the cloud, but keeping you in sync across multiple computers.  All of your data (or whatever you choose) can easily stay in sync across all of your computers.  This can even include email and browser settings.  Simply put your Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome, etc… profile folders in your dropbox folder, point the respective programs to those new profile locations, and you’ll stay in sync across your computers (you can even use the portable version of Thunderbird and run the entire program from within dropbox).  Read our review


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