Why Cloud Storage?

There are a multitude of reasons why everyone should be using cloud storage to backup their data.  To discuss them all could take a long time, so, in a nut shell, here are the main reasons to use cloud storage to backup your data:  It’s inexpensive (less than $50/year for UNLIMITED online cloud storage), It saves all your precious data from potential hard drive crashes, stolen laptops, etc…, In many cases it allows you to access your data from any other computer via a secure website and/or a mobile app…

Imagine losing years worth of digital photos, music, movies, important documents and any other files you have on your computer.  Those are simply not replaceable.  And, even if a crashed hard drive were recoverable, it could cost up to $3,000 to $5,000 to have the data recovered (depending on the condition of the drive).  If you had everything backed up using something like BackBlaze or MyPCBackup, you would simply get a new harddrive or computer, login with your existing online backup account information, and download ALL of your files to your new computer.

Certain companies also offer online syncing via the cloud in addition to online backup.  While these are pricier than just online backup, they allow for even easier access to your files from remote locations or mobile apps.  However, if you simply want backup for security reasons in case your hard drive crashes, then online cloud storage is all you need.

In these cases we recommend the following companies:

myPC Backup: $5/month with a 2-year plan (plus you can save 35% by clicking on the ‘secret link’ at the bottom of their website).  Also offers a sync folder so you can synchronize documents across multiple computers.

BackBlaze:  $50/year for unlimited backup, unlimited file size, etc…

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