Crash Plan: The Best Unlimited Online Backup

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Crash Plan: The Best Unlimited Online Backup

If you always lose all important files in your computer desktop or in any of your mobile devices, then it is the right time that you get an online backup for all of your precious files. One of the most effective things that you can do to protect all those important files is by using CrashPlan.  It is considered as the best online backup provider that you can ever get for all of your beloved files.  You will not have to think about how you can keep all your files safe of being deleted from your computer or mobile device. It is surely the best backup that you can rely on when it comes to keeping your files safe from the risk of being completely deleted from your device.

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What Makes CrashPlan the Best Option For You?

There are just many reasons why CrashPlan is the best online backup that you can find in the market today. 4 of the main reasons that make it the best option are the ability, pricing, usability and most importantly, the security that it can provide to any user.

  • Security of files that are stored in the online backup service is high, allowing you to have an easy time keeping all of your files in a safe place. You can confidently say that no one could access your files, delete it or recopy it since the security provided in the backup service is incomparable to any companies offering the same service. All files will be encrypted and every file can have its own security password to enhance the security features for your file.
  • Usability is definitely a big factor to many people who would want to access their files whenever and wherever they want. Since it comes with a mobile downloadable app, people can take advantage of downloading the app in any of their mobile device. Through the app, anyone can access their files virtually anywhere they want.
  • Its ability to provide unlimited backup service is definitely a great advantage for many people. This feature allows any user to store all of their important files without setting any limits. Furthermore, users can put up their own sets for every file and go through different important files easily whenever you would access it. This will also help you in storing files easily to which is more important than the other and how you want it to be stored.
  • When it comes to pricing, CrashPlan is also the name that you can always trust. There are various price plans that are offered for different amounts allowing you to pick the one that suits the budget that you have. You have 2 choices when it comes to the pricing plans it is either getting a CrashPlan unlimited or CrashPlan family unlimited.
    • The unlimited plan will only be backing up unlimited data from one computer. There are different price ranges for this plan depending on the length of time you want to use it. For a monthly basis, you get to pay $5.99 every month, $59.99 for annual term, $114.99 for getting a 2 –year term and $189.99 for a 4-year term.
    • Those who want to access their files in a maximum of 10 computers the family unlimited plan is the one suited for you. Given that it also provides unlimited baking up capacity, there are also different price ranges for the term you want to get. The basic monthly payment is $13.99, for the yearly term you have to pay $149.99, $289.99 for the 2-year term and $429.00 for the term of 4 years.

As you get any of the two plans in long-term basis, you will realize that the price of the monthly basis is lower. This is how CrashPlan gives you the advantage of choosing an affordable price options that will meet your budget as well as your needs.

With all of these things in mind, there is no doubt why this online backup service is the best on to choose for securing all important files that you have in your computer or any device you have.

Other Features of CrashPlan Service

Many people who would hear about an online backup would think that the only ones stored in your computer are the ones that can be saved with the backup service. But with this service, you are able to backup the files from any external storage that is connected with your computer. The service provides the same process on how to backup the files on your external storage just like how it is stored from your computer. You just have to set up the storing selection for the files and you are all set to store data from any external storage.

Aside from the mentioned features, this online backup service caters to different brands of mobile devices. Some of the brands or software brands that the backup service supports are Windows, OpenSolaris, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. Given that you have any device under these brands, you are assured that you can make use of the service and take advantage of all the features that it can offer you. This is definitely the best backup solution that you can ever use for your files assuring its safety from being copied or accessed by any unauthorized people.


Summing up everything that CrashPlan has to offer, you will definitely feel secured with saving all your files on the service. Provided that it has an unlimited storage capacity, any files that you have are sure to be backed up securely from your computer or from any external storage. The use of this online backup service is surely the great way on how you can keep all files in your computer secured in cloud storage where no one can access but you.

Be one of those people who have already tried its efficiency. It is highly recommended to be used for personal or business purposes, giving you and other people the benefit of just storing their files without worrying about losing or deleting it accidentally.

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