Spideroak: Secure/Encrypted Online Backup & Sync

SpiderOak offers you a fantastic file-sharing and cloud storage service. It is a secure online backup utility for advanced users who know their essential needs. The greatest thing about SpderOak is its ability to sync files while at the same time continuously backing up these changes online. The program storage space may be limited to 100GB and you need to pay for extra fees if you exceed its limits. However, your data is 100% secure and safe.

SpiderOak offers unlimited computers to add to your secure online backup network. This makes the program useful for people with many computers or to those who need to create default backups over many systems. The specialized options for backups make this a great choice for any user.

SpiderOak for free offers you a secure online backup with 2GB data cap. If you want to have 100GB storage space, you may sign up for a paid plan for only $100 per year or $10 per month. If you want add another 100GB storage space, you need to pay another $10 per month. Its numerous advanced features make it an ideal secure online backup utility for advanced users who know how to utilize its potentials.

SpiderOak Features Benefits

The secure online backup utility offers you a strong online file sharing and files management service. Those users who need more storage page need to pay for additional service. Another good thing about the program is the unlimited computers covered when making default network backup. This means that you can create a default copy of your essential files, the entire system or even the entire network.

The secure online backup utility offers two basic features for users and this works on Mac OS and Windows as well as Linux. The first feature is the basic backup. This allows you to select folders and categories including music, pictures, movies and desktop. The other feature is the advanced option, which allows you to check boxes following individual files and folders. You can also customize exactly what you want to sync and backup on SpiderOak.

Aside from the first two basic features, SpiderOak is packed with additional features. With the program, you can include or exclude files of a certain size or certain types of files in your backups. This can be useful if you have specific needs, but do not want to go over your entire system through the advanced mode. SpiderOak provides you with the ability to utilize cloud technologies and retain 100% privacy over your backups.

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